3 Differences Between MMA And Muay Thai

Though MMA has gained popularity recently, it existed for many years. Bruce Lee is said to be the father of MMA. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), introduced in 1993, made MMA so popular. Muay Thai has also been practiced for many years. It uses punches, kicks and grappling moves. Here are the major differences between MMA and Muay Thai.


In MMA, you anticipate a takedown attack. But in Muay Thai, the fighter gets ready to defend against various kicks. The stance of the fighters also depends on their background. For example, an MMA fighter who has a background in Muay Thai will have a different stance compared to one with a wrestling background.


Muay Thai has little lateral and defensive movement. They will stand on the ground most of the time, defending attacks with kicks, punches, etc. The MMA fighters, however, move a lot during fights. They move forward, backward or laterally while attacking or defending the opponent.


The defense in Muay Thai involves checking kicks and blocking attacks. There is no lateral movement. The MMA fighters, on the other hand, jumps back from attacks, uses head movement, goes for a takedown, and more.

Though MMA and Muay Thai look similar, there are some sharp differences between the two. You need to watch the two forms of fights and notice the differences. You should learn the rules and moves of each type of fight in order to learn more about their differences.

Top 5 Martial Art Movies You Must Watch

If you love actions, then there is nothing more entertaining than watching martial arts movies. You keep on waiting for the next awesome fight throughout the film. If you are a fan of martial arts, you need to watch the following movies.

Ong Bak

This film made actor Tony Jaa a star. In the film, he recovers the head of the Buddha statue of his village that was stolen. He moves to Bangkok to find the thief. You will see the amazing fighting skills of the actor on screen. From free running to acrobatic styles, everything is included in the movie. All his stunts were real.

Kung Fu Hustle

It is a misconception that martial arts movies always have serious fighting sequences. If you watch this movie, you will realize that you can also have awesome fighting in a comedy and ‘not so serious’ movies.

Kill Bill Vol. 1

You will love watching this movie even if there are no subtitles in it. The fighting sequences are awesome. Actress Uma Thurman’s performance was brilliant as a bride who tries to revenge against a group of assassins.

Seven Samurai

It is considered to be the greatest martial arts movies of all time. You will really enjoy the fight sequences and awesome martial arts techniques in this movie.

Ip Man

The movie has great fight scenes. It also shows how the life of Southern China was in the 1930s. If you are a Bruce Lee fan, you must watch this movie.

Martial arts movies are always great to watch. They keep you stunned and breathless with the fantastic fighting scenes. Many people get encouraged to get martial arts training after watching these movies.

4 Things You Should Know About MMA

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is getting very popular nowadays. It is a regulated and controlled sport. There are two fighters who are trained in different martial arts like karate, jiu-jitsu, boxing, taekwondo, judo, etc. In the contest, there are three to five rounds and each round last for five minutes. Here are five things you should know about MMA.

There are many rules

There are some common rule sets that the fighters must follow. The rules include the fighting area size, particulars about hand wrapping, instructions about judging, etc. If you really want to understand MMA well, then you need to know these rules.

You need to be a skilled sportsperson

You cannot become an MMA fighter within a short time. You need to be a good sportsperson. A lot of hard training and dedication is required to become an MMA fighter. You need to learn various forms of martial arts.

What is UFC

It is the largest organization of MMA. UFC events are shown in more than 145 countries and millions of fans watch the fights.

The way fights end

A fight can end in many ways. It can end by knockout, submission, or judge’s decision. It can also end up in a draw.

You will find many MMA fans today. The fights are very exciting and it is a pleasure to watch two fighters, expert in martial arts, do the tricks. If you are an MMA fan, you shouldn’t miss any of the UFC events.